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Translation croppedTranslation Services - specializing in English/French

To complement our other services and offer convenient one-stop-shopping, we have a host of translation professionals with various specialties and expertise.

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Please specify the subject matter to be translated, desired turnaround time, and other pertinent details so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.  As with most services, faster turnaround impacts the cost of translation.


Hire a professional and ensure your translation is right the FIRST TIME!

We also offer translation and transcription in one step*

If the content isn’t too complex, we occasionally translate directly from French audio to English transcript.  This is done by a transcriptionist, not a translator, so the translation is not deemed as precise as a professional translator, however we do pride ourselves in providing a transcript that is as accurate of the original audio as possible.

We are now working with a partner to offer webcasting and video archiving services!
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